Multispecies Storytelling Part I

Advanced seminar and colloquium, Winter Term 2023
Prof Ute Hörner, Prof Mathias Antlfinger, Pascal M. Dreier, MA
Thursdays, 14:00 – 17:00, Multispecies Studio (former Transmedia Space)

It matters what stories tell stories; it matters whose stories tell stories. (Haraway 2019)

This is an invitation to listen to other(s') stories, to share stories, to care. How could a shared and care-full telling of stories look like, feel like, sound like? What methods and tools do we need to un/learn to be able to make sense of the complex realities of more-than-human life forms and our interrelations with them? How can storytelling become part of a decolonial ecology?

We want to meet each other every week to create shared practices and rituals, ways of working and communicating, of un/learning, visiting all kinds of strange, beautiful, troubled, and beastly places. We want to talk about projects and ideas, and find out how we can create new exhibition formats that expand our ability to connect and engage with each other. Let us compost.

Link to Seminar Material 


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