Reliquia de las disciplinas geográficas

Media Installation (variable): Sculptures, Game and digital Hologramm, ongoing 2015-now
Reliquia de las disciplinas geográficas is an ongoing series that deals with the (re)visualization of impossible worlds thanks to the digital and its ocupation of the real space. It is an allegory in which a past that might not ever existed, is visualized as the result of the tension between two forms of language in charge of capturing realities. The starting point is a story by the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges: "Del rigor en la Ciencia", included in his "Atlas del Imperio" in 1946. Borges describes an empire near the Western Desert in which cartography was so advanced that "the map of a single province covered the space of a city and the map of a city, the space of a province.

I am interested in the grammatic of cartography materalized in maps. The map will produce the territory itself, where as self-fulfilling prophecies, animal and plant species will proliferate. The installation is nourished by these possibilities, crystallized from error and introduced into the territory as non-endemic elements. The territory as a place of projection: promised by the literary and materialized by the malleability of the virtual.

Images © Nieves de la Fuente