we, animals 7 – transference 

June 18th 2015 – June 28th 2015

Meinblau Projektraum Berlin

With Vera Drebusch, Hana Lee Erdmann, Nieves de la Fuente Gutierrez, Thomas Hawranke, Sara Hoffmann, Hörner /Antlfinger, Yvonne Klasen, Filip Kwiatkowski, Anna Mahendra, Nina Reble, Marthin Rozo, Reut Shemesh und Hella Immler, Qimeng Sun
For the 6th part of the series “we , animals ” a number of young artists explore the processes of mutual transference that take place during encounters between humans and animals. They uncover perfect spaces and ideal bodies, use medial artefacts and derivatives of taxonomies and they tell of projected expectations and adopted behaviour. The question of transference is not considered to be one-sided: Not only do humans transfer wishes and expectations onto animals, on the contrary the different works raise the question of animal expectations of us. This results in intimate moments that describe and negotiate everyday situations in the instant of a reaction. Artificially produced expectations give way to curiosity about the animal counterpart.
14 works and performances that deal with the wishes, constraints and inclinations inherent in relationships between human and non-human protagonists will be presented in the exhibition space. The works were developed in the Transmedial Space at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and will be on show to the public for the first time.

Guest artists: Hana Lee Erdman in companionship with 9 dancers

A project by Transmedialer Raum, Anne Hölck and the artists


June 18 th 

Opening 7 pm

7-10 pm ANIMAL COMPANION by Hana Lee Erdman & companions
8 pm  MAN OF DOG by Reut Shemesh and Hella Immler

Funding and support

KHM/Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Meinblau Projektraum Berlin

Images © Diethild Meier and the artists