Multispecies Studio is a platform for narrations, research and teaching on the entanglement of human and non-human ways of being in shared ecological and cultural systems. The associated artists and scientists (︎︎︎ companions) engage in their projects with the agency of more-than-human lifeforms in various environments and focus on its impact on ethical and social concepts of cohabitation.

Multispecies Studio was founded in 2022 by artists of the Transmedia Space at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne as a platform for the exchange of artistic and aesthetic approaches on multispecies storytelling.

In our various ways of artistic and scientific approaches we condense storytelling into visual, performative, and textual projects to open up new perspectives on multispecies narrations.


Our projects are created in longterm processes of research, in which we merge artistic and scientific approaches on multispecies storytelling.


To spread out and discuss new perspectives on multispecies narrations we are all involved into educational processes, open to share and invite people with new teaching approaches.


To present projects, hold seminars, lectures or workshops, Multispecies Studio collaborates with institutes, universities, exhibition and project spaces, as well as NGOs, platforms and assemblies that engage with human-animal relations.